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Suzanne Sharpe


(404) 309-3292


Any concept is understandable once it’s pruned down to its essential visual elements. 

With over 25 years of experience as a visual consultant, Suzanne has the ability to leverage both her creative and analytical sides to design complex graphics on a wide array of topics.


Suzanne is an expert in the art of listening intently to the client's perceived needs and interpreting their actual requirements. She often finds herself as a mediator in large teams with strong, differing opinions and excels at developing end-products on which all parties agree. She has successfully managed production on massive trials where staying on budget and having focused organizational skills were a necessity.


Suzanne met the love of her life online in the form of her rescued blind dog, Benson. She also loves gardening in her spare time - especially pruning. She thinks the act of “deleting” the unnecessary parts of a plant probably reminds her of culling down too much info into a coherent graphic. Suzanne brings a monumental amount of experience to any trial team.

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