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Jim Groner


(215) 459 3013


Easy-going, fun to hang out with and an ardent supporter of kale in smoothies.

Jim's been in the tech industry since 1999, supporting trial teams for more than ten
of those years and comes to Core by way of Aquipt, our only choice when it comes
to the support we need outfitting war rooms and courtrooms with the truckloads of equipment and technical support that big trials can demand.


Aside from being a troubleshooting master and the type of guy who takes all irony
out of the word “helpdesk” (ever hear anyone refer to the “unhelpful desk?”) Jim is a master at knowing exactly how to put your mind at ease that the tools you need to do your job will help you, not stand in your way.


Jim has trekked nationally and internationally setting up hundreds of trial sites, equipping them with all the technology that anyone could need throughout the duration of their stay. Whenever a piece of cool new tech comes out, he's always looking to see how it can be used to boost productivity at a trial site. His problem solving skills are top-notch from battling "you-can't-do-that"s and "this-can't-be-done"s in the war room.

To keep his mind clear and fresh, Jim listens to K-Pop and J-Pop, trying to
figure out which trumps the other. Since there’s no clear answer, Jim’s mind stays fresh as a daisy.

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