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Law degree, demonstrative design insight,
non-judgmental vegetarian...the ultimate
triple threat.

Jessica Fowler


(913) 433 3666 


For more than a decade, Jess has worked in the legal field as both a graphics consultant as well as a jury consultant. With her training in both the law and psychology, she has successfully supported clients in 100s of cases advising and strategizing on a variety of complex commercial cases, with specialized expertise in intellectual property, securities litigation and contract disputes.


Jess prides herself in building solid relationships with her clients who rely on her expertise case-after-case. Having participated in hundreds of research engagements and assisted in dozens of jury selections, she utilizes this experience and knowledge to help build and create graphics that will help her clients successfully tell their story to the fact-finders.


Jess has published professional articles and publications on persuasive graphics design, shadow juries, post-verdict interviews, and electronic communication in litigation.

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