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The graphics industry has undergone significant changes in the last decade. 
The tools that used to be available only
to Hollywood are now on our cell phones. 
The gap in budget between PowerPoint and 3D animation gets narrower by
the month.


As trial consultants, we can now concentrate more on your story,
and less on the tools we need to tell it.
Knowing which tool to use when,
and being able to make them all speak
to one another, is our specialty.

“Core worked hard to understand the case so they were not merely a tool to be used as we directed, but instead were a valuable part of the team…”


We get to the core of your message by organizing and simplifying facts and making information more accessible with elegant imagery.



From interpretation of engineering drawings to complex 3D modeling, Core’s 3D studio fuses the latest technology with a passion for powerful presentations.


When a linear format doesn’t
get the job done, we can create customized, interactive presentations that give you more control, more options, and more flexibility.

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