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Barbara Lucente


(312) 316 2526 


Plant eating, graphics wrangling, war room force to be reckoned with

"If I don’t get it, jurors won’t get it." Barbara knows that complex legal and technical themes must be translated into clear, understandable visuals so jurors will get the message. As a designer of 30 years – 20 in litigation – she brings sharp conceptual thinking and strong artistic skills to the process of creating demonstrative evidence. The result: persuasive, compelling graphics that get the message across.


Her experience spans numerous product liability, contract, and intellectual property disputes. A fascination with things mechanical naturally draws Barbara to product liability and IP cases, and has led to a specialization in medical devices. She excels at crafting visuals that bring these devices to life and effectively teach.


From spending weeks on the road, across the country, supporting all manner of litigation activity, she definitely knows her way around a war room. Trial teams who work with Barbara often express their appreciation not only for her spot on electronic graphics, but also for her readiness to hunt down the best thing to get a concept across – from physical demonstratives comprised of everyday objects to multi-piece magnetic court boards.


Through conducting case-specific research, asking the right questions of experts, and recommending the perfect medium for a particular demonstrative, Barbara is determined to make sure jurors get it.

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