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Charlie Tebeau


(312) 340 9165


The answer is stated very clearly at the end of my bio. I said it was John Smoltz and it's John Smoltz.

Since graduating with a BA in digital art from a small liberal arts school in Georgia that no one’s ever heard of (trust me) Charlie has spent the better part of a decade as a jack of all trades in the world of graphic design and has created everything from skateboard designs to data visualizations. He also worked in a gas station in Ohio for a while which doesn't really have anything to do with design but it was pretty fun.


For the last six years he’s worked in the trial consulting industry, in the trenches on both large and small trials to help create responsive and intuitive presentations. With a focus on illustration and infographics, Charlie has a wide range of technical know-how across a spectrum of design programs. He approaches every challenge with an eye towards creating the best visual representation possible, making even the most boring timeline a robust graphic masterpiece.

When he’s not working he’s either glued to a bike seat, spending too much money on records, painting, designing and screenprinting music posters with his buddies, or getting into in-depth discussions about who was the best Atlanta Braves pitcher of the 90's (it was John Smoltz).

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