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Kim Levine

(917) 566 9829 


Wakes up every morning on a quest to balance form and function, but not before she's balanced a french pastry on a mocha latte.

Kim is simply one of the best, most sought after, demonstrative evidence designers in this business, but she’s too humble to admit it. An expert without an ego, Kim is the kind of level-headed consultant that clients want by their side when the stakes are high and the pressure is intense. When lawyers have massive, serial litigation that will go on for years and need thousands of graphics for multiple firms, Kim’s phone rings. Yet even with that volume and intensity, she never lets a presentation suffer. Using minimalism, clarity and a modern edge in her design aesthetic, Kim is able to give complex case information and the lawyers who educate juries with it, the impact they deserve.


Having developed presentations for over 250 cases in more than eighteen years,
Kim combines seasoned insights with acute intuition to anticipate the goals,
needs and challenges of her clients.  She specializes in serial litigation, where the same subjects are attacked from different angles over and over. Her method for success is to build committed teams and continually share institutional knowledge while keeping libraries of previous demonstratives at the fingertips of everyone who needs them. Go ahead and vaguely describe a concept that was worked up four years ago for a certain witness but never used. She'll make it appear and have a suggestion for improving it. That’s the magic that can’t be shared, and the reason
her phone keeps ringing. 


Kim holds a degree in graphic design from Penn State, has written articles for both Legal and Design publications and contributed to the recently released book
Images with Impact: Design and Use of Winning Trial Visuals, by Kerri L Ruttenberg, Esq.

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