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Eric Pubentz

Partner | Technology

(832) 971 2812 


A 21st Century Electronic Gentleman to his core.

Eric knows how to deal with Big Trials. He’s been on top of trial presentation technology since the 90s and has truck loads of experience handling the pressure of dozens of lawyers all needing something at the same time. He’s just crazy enough to like working with huge trials teams, and just smart enough to never be satisfied with the status quo. Your time is valuable, and he doesn’t like to stay up all night fighting with a computer, so he continually implements simple improvements to trial technology processes. 


Eric takes the job of getting your work done so seriously, he chucked the frustrating  industry-standard presentation software out the window and took on the challenge of making the new gold standard in trial presentation. That software is called OnCue, and has now been used for years in some of the biggest trials ever to take place.


Above all else, Eric has a service mentality focused on making your life easier at trial. Not everyone can do it, but he’s unquestionably good at making sure you know that when you walk into the courtroom, the presentation is as smooth as the jury expects it to be.


An artist buried deep inside a technology consultant, Eric has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Sam Houston State in Communications, and has squeezed every bit of that education into making you look good when you’re presenting all those documents, graphics or deposition clips on screen at trial.

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