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Total control over his graphics toolbox. Also described as "someone you don't mind being locked in a room with for weeks."

Jeff Chabot


(310) 291 9976


Jeff kicked off his career creating demonstratives for the state on The People vs OJ Simpson in 1995. He has since been part of many trials, both big and small, from coast to coast. Jeff has honed his skills on a wide variety of cases ranging from contract disputes, patent infringement, product liability and medical/pharmaceutical litigation.


Jeff loves the challenge of putting a story together and creating graphics that both the judge and jury will understand and appreciate. Jeff especially likes to see the process happen – from idea, to concept, to design and finally to delivery. His many years in the business combined with his good design sense and cool as a cucumber demeanor makes him a clutch player in high-pressure trials and grueling "all-nighter" challenges.


When he’s not spending his days developing the latest graphic presentation, you might find him catching some waves at his favorite beach or spending some quiet time with his family.

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