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Nancy Schlaifer


(818) 321 5467


Candy Crush addict, knows that the secret to all homemade cookies (and depo clips) is love and lots of chocolate.

In 1995 Nancy experienced her first mock trial, she was instantly drawn to the fascinating world of litigation support and consulting. Where else can you work on puzzles daily and be part of history making decisions?


Over the past 26 years, she has had the privilege to work on some of the largest trials in our nation’s history both singular and serial. Her expertise lies in organization, attention to detail and an innate ability with computers. She has played roles in software development, national trial coordination, onsite logistics and war room support.


On top of the incredible work Nancy does for Core clients, she is also the Head of Customer Support and User Training for OnCue Technology, which is the software she uses and helps develop every day specifically to make us faster at everything tech related at trial. 


When not enjoying the intense microcosm of life that is a trial, Nancy is trying to remember to exercise daily or improving her batting average on the softball field.

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