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Bain Zietlow


(703) 901 1249


Big brain, bigger heart, and sharp in all the right places.

Bain is considered the biggest “brain” in the industry, and after over a decade of supporting some of the most complicated high-stakes matters to see a courtroom he is truly an expert at creating compelling graphics for trial. Nothing makes Bain happier than digging into an intricate fact pattern or data set and finding the persuasive demonstrative hidden inside. Whether explaining how milk price subsidies work or charting the number of fish species affected by an oil spill,
when it comes to information design, Bain’s got you covered. 


Bain started in the industry back when trial graphics meant crude pictograms incised into clay tablets, and he has since been a key innovator in the evolution of litigation graphics for high-stakes matters. After graduating with a degree in Film and Animation many years ago, Bain faced that “what next” moment that led him
to litigation graphics. It was a natural fit for this information design geek and guru. 


Every graphic has a story to tell, and the persuasion is often in the details.
By rigorously applying Edward Tufte’s design principles even the most basic slide can sing. Fancy art school talk aside, Bain also possess an uncanny knack for bending PowerPoint to his will. If you can’t believe that was done in PowerPoint, Bain probably had something to do with it.

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