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Katie MacInnes

Director - Graphics

(404) 263 4981


Short in stature, grand in ideas. Katie is a demonstrative force to be reckoned with.

With nearly 25 years in legal design, Katie has built a portfolio of persuasive tools to help explain complex concepts in court.  She’s an expert in static and interactive design, color theory and presentation technology.


Katie has developed her skills to help bridge the gap between your story and the jury’s understanding.  In each of Katie’s cases, she becomes knowledgeable in the specific field by conducting extensive research.  This allows her to provide clients with a greater level of knowledge to simplify the most important elements of the story, case themes and complicated processes.  In turn, Katie is great at developing visuals to help ordinary, non-lawyer citizens just “get it.”


Katie’s demonstratives have played a role in winning many multi-million dollar cases. Her experience includes intellectual property, trade secrets, medical malpractice, toxic tort and product liability cases.  But most of all, Katie understands what client service means. The best graphics in the world don’t matter if they don’t fit your style and aren’t done in time for trial.  That’s where Katie just “gets it.”

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