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Technological master, performs miracles in court without breaking a sweat (assuming the air conditioning works).

Donnie Guillory

Partner | Technology

(832) 971-2810 


Donnie is the definition of a road warrior.  After eighteen years in this business, Donnie has worked on hundreds of trials, but in this case, it’s not the volume that matters, it’s the size.  He has taken the lead consulting role on massive serial pharmaceutical litigation with multiple concurrent cases, and has been in the hotseat on the biggest civil trial in history. With challenging and numerous variables to manage, all of his trials have one common thread – the courtroom presentation goes off without a hitch.


Lots of people are problem solvers, some better than others. Donnie lives in a different category of “problem preventer,” and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll likely never notice what he excels at until you work with someone else and watch them deal with a technological breakdown. With Donnie, it rarely happens, and when it does, his stealthy style means you don't have to know about it.

These skills along with his expertise with all sorts of trial technology doo-dads make him a repeat-client-generator, always ready to come to your trial and make you forget that he’s doing a very complicated job that make's everyone's job appear just a bit easier.

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