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Derrick Sample

Derrick Sample

Partner | Graphics

(214) 236 4367


Brilliant designer with a technical mind. Brings all the newest toys to Core.

Derrick isn't a typical artist type -- or at least that's what his hoity-toity artist friends say while they're moping around listening to their hipster bands.  He fancies himself more of a problem-solver with a good eye for design, so it kind of makes sense that he found his way into the world of litigation consulting.  Twenty-some years ago, when so many coffee-shop baristas were being born, Derrick got his start helping lawyers explain difficult concepts using 3D animation.  You might think this makes him old, but it really just goes to show how young baristas can be.


In an era when technology moves too quickly, Derrick gets a kick out of keeping up.  He is always looking for the right tool to do the job, and is the bane of those who like things the way they are.  "Try this out, try that out," he says.  Yes, that can be annoying, but in the process he tends to come up with some great ideas.  Frankly, you don't want more than one of him in any group, but you would certainly regret it if he wasn't there - or so he claims.  In the course of his journey as a trial consultant, Derrick has led the industry in developing interactive presentations for Markman hearings, creating dynamic 3D presentations using a game engine or two, and just coming up with some really nice looking graphics that make things easy to understand.


In 2009, Derrick teamed up with some great folks who knew as much or more than he did about all this stuff, and they formed Core. Over the last 5 years, Derrick's work has made its way into some of the largest litigations in recent memory.  He often gets brought in to work on "special projects" because he thrives on solving those big problems.  Or maybe his colleagues just like him out of the way so they can do the real work.  Either way, it's fine by him.

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