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Alex Miller

Director - Graphics

(240) 401 8042


The artist in you has a story to tell… Alex is the medium who channels it.

Alex is one of those few lucky people who has a job that doesn't feel like work. From the time when all kids start dreaming of what they want to be when they grow up, Alex knew he was going to be an artist. Whether with pen and ink or mouse and tablet, the creative itch is scratched daily while designing innovative and exciting litigation graphics. For over 20 years, Alex has been traveling the world seeing his works of art displayed in courtrooms, mediations and arbitrations. Distilling complicated information into a clear and simple visual aid is what makes the little boy in him smile.  


Classically trained in fine arts at the University of Maryland, he quickly realized during the height of the tech bubble that he should pick up graphic design. Peers in his revered Arts Scholars program were getting opportunities of a lifetime creating the next But when the bubble popped and the dust settled, Alex rose from the ashes creating demonstrative evidence for testifying experts in the construction industry.


Six years rubbing elbows with engineers taught him how to think differently, but his innate practicality and straightforwardness is what makes him a true trial consultant and not just a cheerleading yes-man. Intellectual property, medical device product liability, toxic tort, international trade disputes and serial pharma litigation are now squarely in his wheelhouse, having seen and supported cases from the ITC to the Judiciary of Egypt, and nearly everywhere in between.


Alex is an artist to his core and a deep thinker at heart. Invite him to become a “mini-expert” on your case, and you just might get to see his next masterpiece. Of course there’s always a time and place for a simple timeline or a spiced up excel chart, too. Either way, he's still smiling.

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