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Eddie Flick


(713) 503 0597


If caring about his clients is wrong, he don't wanna be right (and he generally gets his wish).

Eddie started off working in-house at a large international law firm, and after being in this business for over a decade as both in-house and (as he calls it) out-house trial support, Eddie knows how to make the magic happen at trial.

Eddie loves to use creativity and troubleshooting skills to find novel solutions to problems. He’s been known to be the only one on site to crack the find/replace code on a challengingly formatted set of designations AND figure out how to get those godawful DiCom image files off of their disks quickly (if you know what any of that means, you’ll appreciate how Eddie does things. If you don’t know what it means...don’t ask.)

Late nights and deadlines fuel his desire to make sure you have a flawless presentation in court. Figuring out how to make those late nights “not-so-late” for anyone gives him even more satisfaction of a job well done. Getting your evidence up on the screen, exactly how and when you want it, is his singular focus in court…his raison d’etre (translation: fancy words are Eddie’s other passion).

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