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Our logistics offering has grown out of
our experience providing graphics and technology war room support for dozens of Big Trials. We added logistics services as a natural extension not just because it all ties together; we also thrive as problem solvers.


Core can provide war room/vendor selection and coordination services for any needs that the trial team may have, from IT, catering, transportation and hotel liaison to shoe repair, shopping and laundry coordination. Whatever the climate, it's smooth sailing.

“Their team simply does not say ‘no’ regardless of the difficulty (or seeming absurdity) of the request,  nor the time at which it is made.”



Let us help you find war room space, line up and interact with vendors, and do any of that trial stuff that gives you a headache.



From setting up desks to filling refrigerators, we'll configure, set up and maintain a war room fit for the busiest warriors.



We'll get internet and phone lines set up, hook you and your laptop up to your remote workstation, and trouble shoot IT issues.

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