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Product Liability


We worked closely with an expert witness on a series of complex 3D animations supporting a pharmaceutical manufacturer whose osteoporosis medicine was alleged to have caused serious dental problems.


The jury found for the defense, deciding that the plaintiff’s injury was most likely caused by a tooth infection that preceded the onset of the more serious injury.  In post-trial juror interviews, the animations were described as “phenomenal” as well as having impacted their decision.


Working with a construction expert, we depicted the shift in the building at each state of the excavation. The shift seems slight to laymen, but was exaggerated graphically so that it could be easily explained to a jury.


A 3D model of the building allowed it to be viewed from any angle to assist the examiner as well as the witness in detailing very clearly the construction issues, specifically the faulty braces in the back-left corner of the building.



Part of a detailed chronology based on log data showing the state of the mechanical structures during a test procedure. 


By breaking down the steps and storyboarding the mechanics of the event, we were able to create a visual index of the test that allowed the presenter to jump around on-the-fly to prove technical aspects of testimony.

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