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Genevieve Barlow


(860) 608 8734


Rough waters? Want smooth sailin'? Cap'n Genevieve Barlow has that certain je ne sais quoi to make your time at trial as easy as can be.

Gen is the go-to girl for all of your tech at trials. Kicking off her career as a high-level paralegal at a white shoe firm in the thick of big litigation, she got the chance to show off her confidence and competence to solve any problem thrown at her better than most people with many more years in the business.

Gen is an experienced trial technology consultant who has hotseated trials across the country both virtually and in person. She’s provided technology consulting services not only at trial but in war rooms, depositions, and hearings across multiple jurisdictions.
Her past experience as a college athlete coupled with the analytical mind of a top-notch litigation paralegal makes her the determined team player that ensures every war room and courtroom run smoothly.

Gen’s mission is to seamlessly present your case at trial, and to put your mind at ease when it comes to anything even remotely tech related, working hard to make sure you never skip a beat and that everything is at your fingertips. Her team-first attitude serves her well in handling the most challenging requests on the fly at trial. She strives to make every trial teams’ life easier while integrating effortlessly into the teams’ workflow to bring key evidence to life at trial.

Gen holds a degree in Government and Legal Studies from Bowdoin College. 

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