Genevieve Barlow

Logistics / Technology

(860) 608 8734


Rough waters? Want smooth sailin'? Cap'n Genevieve Barlow has that certain je ne sais quoi to make your time at trial as easy as can be.

Gen is the go-to logistics expert for any of your trial support needs. On top of that, she's a first-rate hotseater that her clients keep wanting back in court running OnCue every time they go to trial. Kicking off her legal industry career as a huge-law-firm paralegal in the thick of big litigation, she got the chance to show off her confidence and competence to solve any problem thrown at her better than most people with many more years in the business. In fact, Gen’s innate ability to make any ship sail smoothly at trial is why Core knew she would be a tremendous addition to our team as the head of our Logistics practice. 


Her past experience as a college athlete combined with the analytical mind of a top-notch litigation paralegal ensures that every trial team is taken care of and every war room runs smoothly. She can seamlessly connect your trial team with vendors of all shapes and sizes, taking the hassle out of finding the best "anything" in whatever city you find yourself in. 


Her passion is to make any trial site as comfortable as possible. Whether you’re 20 miles or 2000 miles away from your home base, Gen works hard to make sure you never skip a beat and that everything is at your fingertips. Whether it’s throwing a pop-up holiday party to help everyone feel at home, averting a crisis by running out to buy a belt to replace the one you left at security before court starts, or simply being in court with her trusty laptops making sure everything you want on screen gets up there, Gen puts the same fervor into all that she does. 

Priority one, every single day she's at trial, is making sure everything is taken care of so clients have peace of mind and can focus on their case. She aims far above the bar and never disappoints.