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Pamela Frantz


(571) 363 8051


If she isn’t working her magic on your graphics, then you’ll find her on a muddy hiking trail or driving cross-country.

For over a decade, Pamela has supported trial teams of all shapes and sizes developing graphics and visual narratives for use in trials, hearings, and jury exercises. Nick-named “Speedy” by her colleagues, Pamela utilizes her nimble fingers, sharp eyes, and thirst for understanding how-things-work to create knockout presentations before you can say “settlement.” Pamela is an expert at presenting complex information clearly and effectively and has provided graphics for hundreds of cases spanning all manner of subjects including intellectual property, pharmaceutical, environmental, and copyright.


Pamela started in the industry as a patent illustrator where she found the challenge of creating precise illustrations of an invention to pair with a grand description – but little more than a napkin sketch to work from – incredibly exciting. Translating many words into targeted, quickly understandable graphics is her niche. As an adept nerd and science junky, she is ready and willing to jump into reading pleadings and conduct extensive research to understand as much as possible about each case in order to consult on the most effective narrative paths from a fresh perspective and translate your arguments into compelling graphics. 


She doesn’t flinch at an all-nighter, in fact, she’ll be chipper about it and will rally the team to ensure that all bases are covered, at any hour.

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