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Nate Burgos


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Someone’s got to run this joint, otherwise it turns into Lord of the Flies within days. That’s where Tawnie comes in. Ms. Bryant is our real-life, virtual “office” manager where the office is spread across the country and she is the ultimate answer to the burning question, “who’s in charge over there?”


Tawnie knows organizational skills because before she joined Core she ran Gurley, Alabama as the Town Clerk. She knows discipline because she spent her youth getting up at 4am to become an NCAA National Champion swimmer and diver, and eight-time All American swimmer. On top of that, she fits right in with the creative souls at Core because she has an art degree from Auburn University (and more importantly, she's an aspiring DJ who is the curator of our best Spotify playlists.)


If you have a question about our invoicing system, conflict checks, want to know who is where and when, or what song will make your Friday a bit brighter, Tawnie is The Boss.

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