Darren Buchbinder


(954) 899-4244


A guy who not only makes your presentation painless, but knows where the Lido Deck is. 

Darren Buchbinder is an experienced hotseater who's been making lawyers look good since 2002 - way back in those dark days before OnCue even existed. Before joining Core, he worked on hundreds of trials for major trial consulting companies like Trial Graphix and FTI. 


Kicking off his career by earning a Bachelor of Arts and an MBA, Darren spent his early years working for a cruise line where he was responsible for training 450 crew members and managing the accounts of 1,000 passengers on a weekly basis. It is therefore no wonder that he's mastered the art of teamwork. 


Darren is great at diving into those "Big Trials" that have always been Core's bread and butter. These are trials with dozens of lawyers involving massive amounts of documents and tons of video to display on demand.  It's these types of cases that require that unique ability to communicate and mesh with a team and keep on top of the day-to-day challenges they present. Darren knows and and understands what it takes to tackle these challenges.