Collin Bell


(832) 928-0203


Not only can walk and chew gum, but can march and play tuba. All while thinking about your graphics.

Collin Bell is a skilled artist who has spent years at Core grinding out the long hours on-site or working with clients remotely on thousands of graphics for high-stakes trials. He has a wide range of skills that apply to everything from basic PowerPoint to 3D animation. 


A former member of a collegiate marching band and a computer science degree-holder, Collin truly understands the value of teamwork and the importance of sharp detail. Ready and willing to work "in the trenches," Collin enjoys being a part of the whole process, from brainstorming to delivery — whatever it takes to make your graphics top-notch.


When he's not working on the demonstratives du jour, Collin can be found on the golf course or unwinding with the latest video game.