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Chris Reynolds


(917) 859 0244


Triathlete, "value to the Queen," 
handyman, and all around neat guy.

Chris has enjoyed a rewarding career in the legal field for over a decade, with experience as both a paralegal and trial technology consultant.


Chris has traversed the country, hot-seating over 100 trials, arbitrations, hearings, mocks and other lawyerly endeavors where top law firms need a smart fella to project and serve. Since he’s worked both in-house and out-house, he knows what technology hurdles keep you up at night, and sets your mind at ease. Chris’ most lauded quality is his ability to solve complex problems while keeping his blood pressure, and that of those around him, well within the normal range.


When he’s not at trial, look for Chris shagging golf balls and uncovering top-secret fishing spots (ideally not at the same time).

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